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Re: * Navrattan Pullao (era: Cucina indiana)

Dal libro: Indian Cookery, di Mrs Balbir Singh's. 

Non so se questo e' contro la netiquette ma dopo averlo scannerizzato
e trasformato in documento word stavo per tradurlo. Mi sono
scoraggiata, e' troppo lungo e proprio non ho tempo ora. E allora lo
copio incollo pari pari :-)) 
Ne vale comunque la pena ci sono addirittura i nomi in hindi delle
spezie che sicuramente non vi avrei aggiunto ed altre finezze tutte

Multicoloured Rice Pullao with Panir (Indian Cream Cheese) Tomatoes,
Peas and Nuts

Navrattan! The nine courtiers or the nine gems of the Emperor Akbar,
the mightiest of the Moghuls. This pullao is a pullao amongst pullaos
and a jewel amongst jewels. A heritage from the Moghuls, it las been
passed from generation to generation and is successfully reproduced.
It is a vivid and colourful pullao containing almonds, cashew nuts,
sultanas, pistachios, panir, tomatoes and nuts.

Ingredients to be cooked with the rice:

9 ozs (250 g) Patna rice or basmati,  or - 7/8  pt (450 or 540 mils)
water, 2 ozs (60 g) ghee, 2 ozs (60 g) onions (finely cut), 6 cloves
of garlic (lasan), 12 peppercorns (kali mirch), 1 oz (15 g) shredded
ginger, 6 cloves (laung), 4 whole green cardamoms (illaichi), 1 *
piece of cinnamon (darchini),  2 finely-cut green chillies (sabz
mirch), 1   teaspoonfuls salt,   teaspoonful black cumin seeds (kala

Ingredients to be mixed after the rice is cooked:
2 ozs (60 g) shelled boiled peas +  teaspoonful salt + 
teaspoonful white pepper.   A few drops green  colouring   +  a
dessertspoonful water +  oz ghee for fry ing the peas, 2 ozs (60 g)
diced seeded tomatoes +  teaspoonful red pepper  +    teaspoonful
salt +   teaspoonful garam masala. A pinch of tomato colouring + a
dessertspoonful of cold water, 2 ozs (60 g) fried cream cheese
cubes(panir) +  teaspoonful salt +  teaspoonful white pepper.

Ingredients for the core of the pullao:
4 ozs (115 g) thinly-sliced onions, 1 oz (30 g) almonds (badam)	
1   oz (40 g) sultanas (kishmish) , 1 oz (30 g) thinly-sliced ginger
(adrak), 2 chopped full-boiled eggs,   teaspoonful salt, 2 ozs (60 g)
ghee, 1 oz (30 g) cashew nuts (kaju),   oz (15 g) pistachio nuts
(pista), 2 to 3 finely-cut green chillies (sabz mirch),   teaspoonful
red pepper.
Wash and soak the rice for half an hour in   pt (450 mils) water for
pressure cooking or 7/8  pt (540 mils) water for cooking in a
pan(degchi). Heat the ghee and fry the finely-cut onions and garlic.
Add whole spices, rice, salt, green chillies, black cumin seeds,
shredded ginger and the heated water in which the rice was soaked.
Pressure-cook by bringing it to a pressure of 15 lb. Remove from the
fire and allow the pressure to drop by itself. Alternatively cook in a
pan over medium fire till half the water in the rice dries up. Then
reduce the heat to low; cover the top of the pan with a double-folded
cloth, place the lid over that and cook on slow fire till the grains
become soft. Remove the cloth and divide the rice into 3 parts. Colour
one part green by sprinkling over it 6 drops of the green colouring
dissolved in a dessertspoonful water. Mix thoroughly. Add boiled and
lightly fried peas, salt and white pepper. Colour the second part of
the rice red, using 4 drops of the colouring dissolved in 1
dessertspoonful water, and add to this the tomato cubes, red pepper
and garam masala. Leave the 3rd part white and in this mix the fried
panir cubes, salt and white pepper. Mix each part thoroughly and leave
each one of them separately on a very slow fire for 10 minutes, or put
live charcoal on the lids, so that the colours penetrate the rice.
They can be heated in the same pan (degchi) also if the rice of
different colours is kept in separate heaps.
In the meantime fry 4 ozs (115 g) onions till they are crisp. Remove
from the ghee; fry the almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, sultanas,
ginger and the chillies. Chop the eggs and sprinkle salt, red pepper
and garam masala over them. Leave in a warm place till needed.
When serving place the fried nuts and onions, chopped eggs, sultanas
and pistachios, ginger and chillies in the centre of the dish and
spread over them layers of the green, red and white coloured rice
respectively. Sprinkle a little chopped fresh coriander leaves or
parsley and green chillies and serve with mutton curry.